Flat out 1 :: QPA

Flat Out 1 includes phat kicks, accentuated grime basses and break beats in symphony with deep atmos and psyched leads. Music for both listening and dancing.

Chill Psy, Break & Bass created by qpa suiting both dance floors and living rooms. Thick kicks, accentuated basses and break beats in symphony with psyched atmospheres, psychedelic melodies, odd organic samples and diligently tweaked synthesizer leads. No Input Mixing Desk frequency modulations were contributed by dmcq (aka apollo59).

Tracks are partly inspired by music styles like "drum and bass", "jungle", "trip hop" as much as influenced by electronic sub genres like "dub", "psybient" and plain "electronic chill".


Free MP3s

Free promo downloads of the songs “Time Trapper” and “Make Zense”, 320kbps MP3. Enjoy!

ZIP: FLAC 276Mb / MP3 87Mb

Track List

  1. 07:21 :: Time To Wake Up – Sweet & Dirty Remix
  2. 05:58 :: Undergroove Zero
  3. 07:10 :: Time Trapper – Psybient Remix
  4. 07:50 :: Make Zense – Breaks Psy Mix
  5. 07:56 :: Patternizm

Album Data

  • Artist: Q.p.a (aka Qubenzis Psy Audio)
  • Title: Flat out 1 – Chill Psy, Break & Bass
  • Main Genre: Electronic
  • Sub Genre: Chillout, Breaks, Psybient, Dub, Jungle
  • Duration: 36:12 min
  • Velocity: 135 – 142 bpm
  • Label: Existfour Music
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 04/01/2017
  • Type: Maxi Single
  • upc / ean: 4250887879169