Flat out 2 :: QPA

Qubenzis (aka qpa) invites you for a musical journey into various subby and grime basses backed by deep kick break-beats, engaging synthesized leads, mind teasing vocal samples and obscure(ish) soundscapes. The music style is similar to the previous Flat Out 1 maxi-single and brings you qpa’s world of meticulously produced electronic dub, breaks and (psybient) chill. dmcq (aka apollo59) contributed effect sounds created with “No Input Mixing Desk” frequency modulations. The Russian voice samples on Unrepresented are authentic live recordings of a (radar) flight controller communicating with pilots reporting on unidentified flying objects and unidentified aerial phenomena.

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ZIP: FLAC 273Mb / MP3 90Mb

Track List

  1. 06:15 :: Remain On Earth – Dub Mix
  2. 07:49 :: Unrepresented
  3. 06:55 :: Truth Roller Coaster
  4. 07:28 :: Time To Wake Up – Original Mix
  5. 09:32 :: Ufonaut Extra Territorial – Breakbeat Mix

Album Data

  • Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
  • Name: Flat Out 2 – Psy Dub Break & Bass
  • Duration: 37:59 min
  • Genre: Breakbeat, Dub, Psybient
  • Label: Existfour Music
  • Release Date: 04/13/2017
  • Type: Maxi Single
  • upc / ean: 4250887879312