UfoNaut Break Beat & Psytrance Version

ufonaut song art

Ufonaut Extraterritorial

Ufonaut is an older track by qpa re-released in a multitude of download stores like Beatport and streaming platforms like Spotify under the name Ufonaut Extraterritorial which is ncluded on the maxi called Flat Out 2.

FREE EXCLUSIVE! Ufonaut Original Version

The original full on melodic psytrance version of this epic song is included in the free mp3 zip package, along with the break-beat version. You can use the music player below to hear samples of both tracks. Enjoy.

Zip 29Mb | 2 tracks MP3 192kbps
Zip 64Mb | 1 track FLAC

Song Info

  • Song Name: Ufonaut
  • Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
  • Length: About 10 min
  • Tempo: 141bpm
  • Style: Break Beat, Psychedelic
  • Versions: (Extraterritorial and the original)
  • Cover Art: Alahuin
  • Label: Qubetechnet

Samples used

  • Alleged air force (US) communications on the O’Hare u.f.o. incident jan 2007. (Could be a fake, but it sounds really cool).
  • TV news comments (US) on a Mexico air force u.f.o. encounter made public 2008.
  • A kick sound created by Carnivore Adaption. It’s used backwards (reversed) and creates an inverted kick feel really good.

Play previews

V2 – Breaks

V1 – Psy