Qubenzis.com Music Production Search engine is powered by Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)

CSE is a free script developed by Google that searches selected web sites. The results page can then be set (by the web master) to be either on your own site of choice or on the CSE home page at Google. The script we use searches first a selection of music related sites before the rest of the web.

The sites added so far reflect mainly electronic music production, recording, psychedelic trance, some artist sites, a few music social networks (good for news etc.) and related offspring subjects. But the intention is to include all types of interesting and content rich music related web sites.

But the most important with this search engine are the Refinement buttons, not the actual sites, since the script is set to search Google too (though secondary). With the refinements you can make secondary searches within the original search-terms, homing in on typical subjects that should be of interest if you produce and record electronic music, as well as other types of music

You are also welcome to help with making this search engine better. "Better" in this context would mean to suggest additional, relevant, web sites to the already existing url list. Like this we can create a very useful search option for music interested users.

Google CSE home page

  • mvploops.com
  • looperman.com
  • soundstosample.com
  • sampleswap.org
  • junodownload.com
  • emusician.com
  • platinumloops.com
  • logic-cafe.com
  • native-instruments.com
  • mvploops.com
  • wavealchemy.co.uk
  • musicthinktank.com
  • sonicstate.com
  • createdigitalmusic.com
  • samplecraze.com
  • puresonicbliss.com
  • freesound.org
  • canadianmusicartists.com
  • cytopia.org
  • beatport.com
  • hitsquad.com
  • soundcloud.com
  • foem.info
  • musicradar.com
  • soundwrx.net/digitalmusicreviewsblog
  • matrixsynth.blogspot.com
  • ektoplazm.com
  • isratrance.com
  • soundproz.com
  • synthtopia.com
  • sadglad.com
  • musicmoz.org
  • psytechteam.org
  • free-loops.com
  • trancemoon.com
  • psymusic.co.uk
  • steinberg.net
  • freevstplugins.blogspot.com
  • ableton.com
  • sfxsource.com
  • futuremusic.com
  • modernbeats.com
  • freesoundeffects.com
  • forum.isratrance.com
  • soundproz.com
  • rekkerd.org
  • qubenzis.com

Suggest a music website to be included with Qubenzis Custom Music Search. Your suggestions are welcome and will be seriously considered. I will personally check out the website before entering it into the CSE search script. Your email won’t be given to a third party. See our Privacy Policy.

Use the contact form on this page to submit your url suggestion

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