[Psy Music Video] – 5D Vortex Beyond Time :: Psychedelic 3D Art + Full Trance track!

5D Vortex is track no.1 on the Subsequent Resonance album created by QPA.
The images are from the awesome collection of computer rendered 3D art that
Alahuin created with Bryce 3D.

Song Name: 5D Vortex Beyond Time
Qubenzis Psy Audio
From album:
Subsequent Resonance
Track no:
Psytrance, fast progressive
Images by:
ALAHUIN’s 3D psychedelic figurative surrealism
Song Info/ Downloads:
Read more about 5D Vortex here

3D Computer rendered Art

ALAHUIN 3D ART images are free to download.
But please remember to credit the artist if you use
them publicly: Alahuin’s 3D Art Album

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