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More notification matters for you who care to digest. I hope you can withstand the new "Linkvertise" links. The idea is that by using an in-between advertising funnel for all free download links, we can now offer ALL music for free. is a fairly non intrusive shortlinks supplier. They have a good track record of showing ads for links without irritating or agressive popup windows. All sounds and songs will henceforth be available for free. BUT with the option to buy stuff if you want to save yourself time and effort.

As of now bits and pieces of the website still need adjusting. Actually the website work never really ends. As always you’re welcome to send me a message if you come across malfunctions. Then please do that from this page.

New Crypto section

Also started to build a completely new website within the already existing website. How to get started with earning crypto currencies, token mining etc. Feel free to check out the new pages and see what you think


Notification Highlights

  • Check out the new CRYPTO section
  • Pimped up the free download page. Intention is to place every single music related sound or song on that page.
  • Paid downloads will only accept crypto currencies as payment. If you don’t have a crypto wallet it is very easy to get one

Keep kicking butt and never give up

Peace :-)

Ricky – QPA