Already Here – Vintage Synth Chill

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Vintage Synth Feel

This song was recorded with various tools (mac & win). I used Cubase 4.7 on a Windows pc. Post edited on a Macintosh Power PC (2003 model). Instruments were Clavia Nord analog synthesizer and a Roland JV 1080 synth module, played with an external midi-keyboard. Yes, it’s an old track, recorded around 2005.

Vintage chill synths feel track that survived hard-disk wipe outs and what not. Solo and bass synths were made with the Nord Modular. Voices and percussion were made with the Roland JV. Enjoy!



  • Song Name: Already Here
  • Artist: qpa
  • Length: 06:59
  • Produced: qpa (c)2005
  • Genre: Vintage synth(s), melodic chill
  • Velocity: 120bpm

Free Download


In this rare case the audio is in low resolution, 112kbps mp3 41Khz. The file is delivered in a compressed zip archive.
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Vintage synth song by qpa



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