Psy Videos By Q.P.A

Psytrance videos with music for the healing of a world gone entirely insane


Psytrance Videos by Qubenzis Psy Audio

Here below are a few psytrance videos with music created by q.p.a. (aka qubenzis psy audio). The first few videos where created with an Apple Mac computer. That was my first serious computer used for music production. The rest where made with the awesome video editor called KDENLIVE, on my later Linux desktop machine. The psytrance videos NOT published here can be found on the YT channel @qubenzis. It can also be mentioned that most of the tracks/songs can be bought in various download stores on the web (ex Beatport) Please enjoy!

Free Downloads

Most of the tracks used in these videos can (or will) be available for free download on the free download page (or other pages on this website). At least that’s the plan I’m working on for the moment.



Suspended Reality – Psychedelic Freedom



The Alien Program – Melodic, Psychedelic



Archon Pronoia



VIMANA – Psychedelic Freedom



GIBRALTAR – Psy dub remix



Little Psychedelia – Psychedelic Freedom



Alien Stomping Through Town



Cosmic Embryo – ambient chill



Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception EP