List of 11 Top Psy Trance Portals For News, Music & Parties

On these psychedelic trance sites you'll find the largest artist databases, music repositories, deepest articles, most serious critics and freshest reviews

11 Psychedelic Trance Portals

This list of popular psytrance forums and portals is a good place to start if you’re looking for artist databases, music repositories, deep articles, serious critics and reviews. You name it, they have it. On the other hand there exist so many more high quality psy websites out there… just go with the flow and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Njoy!

  • Australiens – Official site featuring forums, news and photographs related to the Australian psychedelic trance scene.
  • Chai Shop – Portal featuring parties, forums, chat, reviews, photographs, videos, and music.
  • Goa-Trance – Site focused on goa and psychedelic trance music and culture, and in particular the artist “Elastic Plastic”. Contains psy-art, legal goa mp3s and audio streams.
  • Goacidia – Goa portal with party photographs, music database, and project linker.
  • – Contains a goa, techno and ambient database, record shop information and links.
  • IsraTrance – Israeli trance resource site. Artists database, music reviews, interviews, music samples, CD and vinyl database, art, parties, DJs top ten, news and discussions.
  • Progressive trance – Guide to progressive trance artists, DJs, record labels, festivals, promoters, shops and MP3 downloads.
  • Psynews – Forums and information about parties, music and up-to-date list of Psy trance artists with some biographies.
  • Psytrance Music – Psychedelic trance news (Old)
  • Talk Progressive – Progressive psytrance weblog with news, reviews and party information.
  • Touch Samadhi – Information about live psytrance acts, DJs, events links and photography.
  • – Forum and resources about Psychedelic Trance. Meet music creators, Publishers, Labels, Psy Party Organizers and DJs.

Crown Chakra (spiritomaterial portal) in action

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