Darkpsy – HippyFlip Records! A cosmic jurney into the world of Dark Psy Trance!

HIPPYFLIP Records :: Dark Psy Label, Barcelona

VA – 20 track dark psychedelic trance with artists and sounds from All Over The World! Including Ashiana, Yata Garasu, Frantic Noise, Triplord, Rawar, Murukhan and others.

4 track EP by AgarMedia. Debut EP with energetic mind blowing high octane obscure psy.

4 track EP by Triplord. Darkpsy electronic hightech beats of the high bpm type with loads of atmospheric ambiance keeping your mind floating in a trippy musical sonic soundscape.

ORK MONK – Hardcore Shanti
4 track EP by Ork Monk. Music and graphics by Zoltan Vajda. Dark obscure melodic sounds, sick synths (pleasant sick) and beats in varied high bpms. Certainly Will keep you moving on the dance floor. Enjoy!

9 track album – VA – by HippyFlip Records. 150 to 90 bpm darkpsy, electronic hightech psychedelic trance that will keep the listeners busy physically, mentally and spiritually. Includes the artist: Wearenoise, Nihil, Pzyko, Aum Sync, Murukhan, Lost Reflection, Sarasvvati, Phal-anx, Metahuman.

The Triphikers Guide Into Eleusis
4 track EP by Eleusis. Dark psy seriously electronic high bpm beats. Very psychedelic trance with many flipped little sounds keeping the listener spell bound inside the seriously twisted universe of Eleusis. Dark forest to mad acid.

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