Cognitive Resonance – 62 min Psy Dj Mix by Q.p.a. | Dark Chill & Prog | Video

QPA Dj Mix Cognitive Resonance

Cognitive Resonance

Dj Mix :: This 62 min consecutive psytrance mix is a blend of dark chill and progressive psytrance. Music is sourced from various albums produced by Qubenzis Psy Audio. See track list. and links for download and youtube

  • Music: qubenzis psy audio
  • Style: psychedelic trance dj session
  • Genre: full on / melodic / dark / progressive
  • BPM: 141 – 146


Visualizations made with projectM opensource cross-plattform music visualizer


Track list

  1. 00:00 Synchronicity By Design
  2. 07:00 Brothers From the Sky
  3. 09:44 Archon Pronoia
  4. 14:41 Magic Harvest
  5. 21:34 Banana Republic Earth
  6. 28:31 Got it Already
  7. 36:05 Suspended Reality
  8. 42:05 Meta Resistence
  9. 49:19 Psyholizm
  10. 53:30 Time Travel Practices

Bandcamp (full mix)
Beatport (tracks)
Qubenzis Download Store (tracks)

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