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Landscapes Became Soundscapes

An enclosed envelope was produced as a result of group improvisations. There were no pre-rehearsals. We managed to borrow a remotely placed house for a week. The building is situated on the edge of a grand valley and has an astonishing view over the Andalusian mountains. Far away one can see the sometimes snowy peaks of the Granada mountain range.

So, we got most of our instruments and sound equipment out there with the intention to record some live sounds, executing our experiment in dynamic ambient soundscape production. And, as certain as snow is wet, an essence of the awesome studio location is perpetually engraved in the music. The awesome sounds that eventually became anunusualleopard’s debut album named an enclosed envelope.


Minimix of all 7 tracks

An enclosed envelope FREE Download

All enclosed audio files are high quality 320kbps MP3s and +800kbps FLAC, ensuring an absolutely crisp sounding listening experience. The audio files are zip archived together with cover art and a description file.

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Free Download Links Track Duration Info etc.
MP3 FLAC 1. a note to the deep 02:16 anunusualleopard
MP3 FLAC 2. who knows 02:23 anunusualleopard
MP3 FLAC 3. I know nothing 03:14 anunusualleopard
MP3 FLAC 4. high planes hunger 05:53 anunusualleopard
MP3 FLAC 5. staring from the bridge 03:23 anunusualleopard
MP3 FLAC 6. oh yeah time to awake 04:21 anunusualleopard
MP3 FLAC 7. an enclosed envelope 17:25 anunusualleopard


Here below you can purchase the complete album in mp3 or flac audio format. All enclosed audio files are high quality resolution ensuring absolutely best listening experience. Please enjoy and thank you for your interest. :-)


  • dmcq: Guitar synthesization and no-input mixing electronics.
  • q.p.a: Beats, basses and synthesizers + mastering and post-production
  • released October 25, 2013
  • recorded in Alozaina, Malaga, Spain
  • anunusualleopard (c) All Rights Reserved



Anunusualleopard An Enclosed Envelope can also to be found on Betaport