Find All Free Psytrance Download Links the Easy Way With single Search Command.

Here's a simple way to let Google carry the horse load while you sit back and reap the harvest. Example showing how to find free Psytrance Downloads by using Google optimally! Access ANY desired file or information from ANY website with this smart search algorithm.

Find All Free Psytrance Download Links

The easy way to do it with very few commands. Download music to enlighten your sonic life. And you would like to obtain the tracks for free, right? Here’s a simple way to let Google carry the horse load while you sit back and reap the harvest.

As a matter of fact, when you use this method the amount of links to free psytrance music downloads will be so vast that’ll keep you busy for a very long time. And, for the record, much of the music offered for download is legal download mixes and preview tracks posted by the psy producers, record labels and djs themselves.

By using this method the time consuming effort of browsing desired sites for available tracks is replaced by a neat Google search results page with a lineup of almost every entry containing the stuff you’re looking for.


Step 1)

Write something like the following in the Google search text-field

  • Example | free downloads
  • Example | free download
  • Example | free download
  • Example | dark trance
  • Example | free download psychedelic trance

Step 2)

Hit the search button or push the ‘Enter’ key on your computer keyboard.

Or use the "Example" search links which are utilizing the cse search engine (Google search results page on this site). If you find Googles home page less crammed just try the search there instead.

The actual site

you search could be any trance forum or music site. The basic idea is that you have to write "site:" directly before the domain name you want to search then followed by the "free download psytrance", "free mp3", "free downloads", etc. Use your imagination.

7 comments on “Find All Free Psytrance Download Links the Easy Way With single Search Command.

  • I remember I was 9 years old, I was in the bath playing with my G.I. Joe dolls.

    I loved playing with them while in the bath, I felt this was an unmapped terrain to the ‘lill soldiers.

    But that day, the one I am talking about, is the day it happend. Suddenlly I stoped playing with them, looking into the thin air with great fear in my heart/mind. I remember I understood that moment, that one day I will not play like this, that one day I will not enjoy this as I do now.
    I remmember I tried and say to myself that it will never happend, that I will play like this and enjoy this forever.

    Since that day I never playd with dolls again.

    I telling this story, and there is a reason I tell it.

    Yesterday I signed up to this site. At first I signed to the RSS and just kept on normaly. Then I understood that in the feedz there’s loops to download, I’m making music since I was 12, learned music at school and creating Electronica for more than 10 years now, so I was intrigued. I started surfing the site…

    After less than 12 hours signed to the site, I felt like a kid again! I felt I was bombarded with gifts and that I was getting presents every single click.

    I may not play with the dolls my parents got me as a child, but the feeling of being spoild and well treated in this manner, without asking for much in return other than the side effects of my enjoyment (such as pagerank etc…), brings back my “childish spoild brat” feeling I forgot existed in me due to hard living, marriage, financial problems and material every day life.

    so thanks you sooooooooo much for all the toys man!

    you made me feel as a king for today!


    ARIEDAM 21/02/2012


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