Bassedup :: by Q.P.A | Progressive psy Maxi! Includes two free tracks

Cover art for Bassedup, a progressive psy maxi single produced by QPA

Progressive Maxi

Bassed up psy-trance produced by Q.p.a. Release includes progressive psy remixes of Air Shuttle 5959 and Spiral Connection plus three hip wiggling tracks suited for dance floors galaxy wide. Bassedup requirements are simple, it doesn’t matter whether the party is inside your head, kitchen, living room, festival, club or on any of our fast growing extraterritorial settlements. And, hey, remember that Q.p.a is the acronym for Qubenzis Psy Audio.

The two songs "Time Travel Practices" and "Spiral Connection Prog Psy Remix" are free to download in mp3 320kbps resolution. Please respect the artists hard work and don’t re-post any of these tracks anywhere else. You’re welcome to post links to this page on your blog or website. Just mark the tracks saying "… Free 0.00" and then click the "Add to Cart" button. Enjoy!

  • Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio aka QPA
  • Release Name: Bassedup
  • Duration: 46:16
  • Tracks: 5
  • Style: Psytrance / Goa, Progressive, Full On, Melodic
  • Label: Qubetechnet Records
  • Cover art: QPA
  • Copyright: All Rights Reserved

Spiral Connection Remix


01 – 08:17 Trancemogrification

02 – 09:55 Air Shuttle 5959 (Fat Bass Remix)

03 – 09:31 Time Travel Practices

04 – 09 33 Alien Collaborator

05 – 09:00 Spiral Connection (Fat bass prog remix)

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