Psytrance VST Favs used by Wouter from Zen Mechanics [Video]

wouter from zen mechanics

Video interview (voice only)

Wouter, the creator of zen mechanics, talks about how his method for producing psytrance music is intuitive. He “follows the flow” which in itself is a very Zen approach to the process of recording. Check out the video below and hear him explaining how he creates the powerful Zen Mechanics psychedelic trance sound.

Some of Wouters Psytrance VST Favs

  • mgTriggerGate [Free]
  • Liquid (phazer/chorus) by Audio Damage
  • Overdrive (Cubase / Steinberg)
  • R66 reverb by Sonic Flavour
  • BazziCM (Kick Maker)
  • Phoscyon Bassline

Live controllers:

  • Korg Nano Controller with Ableton Live.

Tweaking The Tunage 4 – Part 2 from Billy Cosmosis on Vimeo.

Part 2 of Tweaking The Tunage 4 an online discussion hosted by Billy Cosmosis

In part 2, Wouter from Zen Mechanics answers live questions, shares studio techniques, reveals some of his favourite plug-ins and talks about the music that inspires him.

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