VIDEO :: Cosmic Embryo Psy-Dub Ambiance

Cosmic Embryo

Enjoy this calming ambient journey through a mysterious soundscape. A deep space journey in sound and beat. Characteristic for this track is the “elastic” sequenced bass line during the first half of the song (created with my fav analogue synth, read below…) and the ethereal synth melodies. Music video made to this ambient psy-dub track created by Qubenzis Psy Audio a few years ago, now available on Youtube. Enjoy!

Cosmic Embryo is the title song of an album called “Cosmic Embryo Electronica” now available in many download stores on the Internet.

Some of the clips are taken from the vids listed below. A big thank you for all the awesome footage and animations.
Experience Human Flight

Your Place In the Universe

Relaxing Time laps Photography

Orion Nebula Fly Through

The NEW UFO Hotspot! Kazakhstan 2011-Numerous Witnesses…

Bass line…

(might be of interest for you synth geeks) In this song the bass line (first half of the track) is made by recording the MIDI tweaking of the Nord Modular sequencer parameters. Not by actually using the keyboard to play notes. Then cutting and re-arranging the MIDI recording of the tweaks, trashing the bad tweaks and keeping the good ones. And finally having Cubase play the midi tweak track while recording the ‘live’ sound from the hardware synth onto another track.

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