[updated] Final Chakra Meta Remix – Psytrance track by Qubenzis Psy Audio! Free Download! Buy WAV or FLAC!

Final Chakra Meta RemixFinal Chakra Meta Remix

is the more powerful remix of the previous version (by QPA) plainly called Final Chakra. It was included on the free compilation album called 40 Full Moons, Cosmogenesis Recordings, that can be found on Ektoplazm.com. Please login / Register (free) before downloading.

Song Name: Final Chakra Meta Remix
Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
Label: Qubetech.net
Style: Psychedelic, Full On
Time: 09:16 min
Tempo: 146 bpm
Album: Meta Dawn (Download the complete album, free)
Includes: 128kb or 192kb mp3, cover art, album info sheet



[drain file 207 show mytemplate] [drain file 195 show mytemplate]
Final Chakra, original version 2009. Mini Song Cover

The last portal

before entering the ethereal realm. You can also listen and download the original version of this track here on qubenzis.com from this page. By some concidered the better version ( also published by Cosmogenesis recordings).

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