Believer :: anunusualleopard

Believer EP cover art for this publication by Anunusualleopard. Released by NCP Records
The sounds are captured from those epic moments of momentary absolute presence, and is for your omnipurpose listening pleasure. On Believer anunusualleopard present downbeat tracks using deep bass lines, sequenced electronic break-beats, intellectually challenging odd voice samples accompanied by the characteristically teasing, unearthly and almost organic “no-input-mixing-desk” sound modulations.

Instruments used are no-input mixing desk with electronic guitar effects and Reason, Ableton effects and looping, sound and voice samples, analogue synthesizers and bass guitar. The live recordings were then edited and post produced by QPA (qubenzis psy audio).

Cover Art

Cover artwork is a digitally enhanced image created from a photograph of a real life painting made by dmcq (free download)


ZIP: FLAC 210Mb / MP3 78Mb / Artwork 1Mb

Track List

  • 1. 07:55 – desert light deep
  • 2. 07:56 – believer
  • 3. 09:19 – regurgitation
  • 4. 07:28 – could be now

Maxi Data

  • name: Believer
  • Collaboration name: anunusualleopard
  • Duration: 32:38 min
  • Label: NCP Records
  • Mastering & post-production: Q.P.A.
  • Cover Art: “road to tegel” by dmcq (
  • People

    • dmcq (apollo 59 / NCP / Existfour music) – No input mixing desk, Reason & FX
    • Q.P.A (LUA / NCP / Existfour music) – Synths, FX & electronic rhythms
    • Marty Snape ( NCP/ Existfour music) – Bass guitar