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Nord Sequencer Sample – Bell Percussion

Nord sequencer samples bell percussion intense percussive feel. Created with bell like analog synth sound recorded from my hardware Nord Modular synth. Download wav here.

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Nord Sequencer Sample – Another Goa

Another goa are two fairly long audio clips, 60 and 40 seconds that were recorded from a hardware Nord Modular synth. Download wav here.

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Nord Sequencer Loops – Alien Chat

Analog synth sequencer wav 16bit audio samples. The alien chat loops were recorded with a real life hardware Nord Modular synth. Drop into your DAW

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Nord Sequencer Loops – Analogue Punk

Analogue "punk" feel sequencer samples. Differently pitched 32 sec. recordings from a hardware Nord Modular synth. Formatted for looping, wav 16bit

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Meta Dawn :: QPA

Meta Dawn, 1 hour album full on prog psytrance. Dark chill psy feel with qpa's teasing psy beats and intelligent voice samples. Incl. 2 free mp3 promo tracks.

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UfoNaut Break Beat & Psytrance Version

Ufonaut is a full on break beat track produced by Q.P.A, re-released in most download stores under the name Ufonaut Extraterritorial on a maxi called Flat Out 2

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256 FX and Psy Beats :: Mega Loops Psy Production Pack

256 psy-beats, loops and samples for psytrance production. Over 320Mb FX sounds, leads, basses and 92 looped beats. Just drop into your DAW. Enjoy Royalty Free!

Flat out 2 :: QPA

Journey flat out into grime basses, deep kick break-beats, engaging synthesized leads, teasing vocal samples and obscure(ish) soundscapes. Get free promo track!

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127 FX Loops Samples Pack! Dark, Weird and Beautiful audio Snippets

127 FX Loops samples pack is mainly in loop format. But also a bunch of powerful one drop samples. Add atmosphere to your recordings. Style is cross genre.

Flat out 1 :: QPA

Flat Out 1 includes phat kicks, accentuated grime basses and break beats in symphony with deep atmos and psyched leads. Music for both listening and dancing.

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