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is a website seriously devoted to psychedelic trance music and related sub-genres including psy beaks, psybient, dark, progressive, forest, goa and others.

Since 2001

The website was founded in 2001 by DJ Basilisk and has since grown into one of the most important website portals in the world for underground psychedelic trance music culture. Ektoplazm has become an indispensable outlet for upcoming underground psychedelic trance artists and producers such as:

DJ Basilisk in action

Excellent free downloads

On the website I found excellent psytrance music posted for free download in highest possible audio quality (WAV, Flac, mp3 320kb) as well as reviews. The news section includes interesting updates on psychedelic trance music culture, both world wide and locally, including parties, albums, psy artists and new music production. Many of the venues presented concentrate on Canada since the website is based in the same country. A website well worth a visit for every- and any-body who want to keep up to date with the genre.


  • Hongos Longos – Rashacadabra - An experimental dialogue between the electro and the organic with strong Brazilian taste.
  • Digital Decade - Ten classics remixed to celebrate ten years of psychedelic techno.
  • GreatOwl – Ikilixi - Misty downtempo rhythms charting lines in the night sky.
  • Galileo – Celestial Bodies - Sharp hi-tech sounds and dark psychedelic atmospheres from Israel.
  • Gubbology – Anachronism - Scandinavian Goa trance with a pinch of darker forest music sounds.
  • Qawa Beat – Singularity - Innovative psychedelic minimal from the Israeli underground.
  • Fractali3n – Waiting For The Sun - Psychedelic music without borders.
  • Elemental Spirits - A mystical ceremony of dark psychedelic music.
  • Slate – Ragged Dagger - A mysterious and underground musical syndicate from Greece.
  • Munsmawa – El Camino Del Corazón - Dark transformative trance from the Andes Mountains of Bolivia.
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