Psy Video :: Suspended Reality! Track by Qubenzis Psy Audio! Full length Full On melodic

Psy video suspended reality! Lizard-reporter 02

Illustrated Psy(ish) Video

The main speech sample used in the track “Suspended Reality” is a recording from a famous conspiracy researching journalist and radio-show host. The type of reality he reveals reminds me of that what we mostly focus our attention on will be the paradigm we evaluate the rest of the world by… read the rest and please leave comments on the Youtube video page

Psy Video Data

  • Psy Video Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
  • Song Name: Suspended Reality
  • Tempo: 145bpm
  • Length: 8min 02sec
  • Style: Psychedelic trance / Full On
  • Mastering: Alienature
  • Label: LUA records
  • Tempo: 145bpm
  • Version: 1st
  • Visualizations: Winamp (WIN) and Clementine (Ubuntu)
  • Youtube: See the video on YT
  • TV Heads Animation: Psychedelic GIFs group home page Google +
  • Alahuin Psychedelic 3D Art (min 01:54, 03:01 and 04:08) Creative Commons Licensed

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Psy video suspended reality! Lizard-reporter 01


Psy video suspended reality! Lizard reporter 02

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