Ordered By Puppets! Drum & Bass, Psy, Dirty Breaks – 1 hour dj mix

Mix created for all drum & bass freaks and music lovers who like high energy break beat styles. A demo for you guys who requested me to dj Drum & Bass. Njoy

Drum and Bass Mix

This mix was made as a demo for you who occasionally request me to dj Drum & Bass. The mix is also a tribute to the awesome producer / artist behind the band called Cybernetika who creates high quality psychedelic trance and Drum & Bass of various kinds.

Though psychedelic trance definitely is my favorite genre (for dj’ing and producing) I also produce and dj various types of music. Not to forget that I also play in a live band who plays experimental electronic stuff (more about that another time).

Mix Info

  • DJ: Qubenzis Psy Audio
  • Style: Drum n Bass / Dirty Breaks / Dub step(ish) / Break Beat
  • BPM: 87 – 90
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Audio Resolution: MP3 192kbps
  • Includes: Cybernetika, Soluble Sounds, Vortech, Concord Dawn, Mindex and more

Ordered By Puppets! Drum & Bass / Psy-Dubstep) / Dirty Breaks [1 hour mix] by Qubenzis Psy Audio on Mixcloud

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