VST :: dBlue Glitch v1304. Free, extremely versatile multi channel audio filter!

dBlue Glitch! Most useful, inspiring & innovative VST plugin. Futuristic sound filter for electronic music recording. Exclusive, free multi effects.

dBlue Glitch

is always worth mentioning for you guys who missed out on this, to say the least, fantastic VST multi-channel step filter.

One comment on the glitch forum says “The most useful, inspiring and innovative plug in that I’ve ever seen“, which just about might be the truth for me too.

The current good news is that the developer just this year (after a 3 years break) started to develop and attend to bugs again.

Free Download & Info


Youtube demo video

Hear and see what’s possible to do with only one minimal beat…


dBlue Glitch v1304 VST user interface

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