Psy DJ Mix by Omega Flight – Trip to Trumpton – Triplicity Sep 2013

Psychedelic trance Psy DJ mix by Darren (UK). This time under his artist name Omega Flight (LUA Records). Seriously belly wobbling psytrance. FREE STREAMING

Psytrance DJ mix by Omega Flight (UK)

Darren aka Omega Flight is seriously influenced by the South African Psy scene so you’ll find artists like Lost & Found, Slug, Hyirant, Brethren and basically anything from the labels Nexus Media or Timecode.

Other influences are the harder uk sound of Scorb, NRS & Deviant Species on labels like L.P.S and Trick music.

  • 01 Dr. Who (Headroom Remix) By Loud
  • 03 Supernova (Magitman Remix) By Weekend Heroes
  • 04 Illuminate By Ben Coda, Matan Caspi
  • 05 Symptoms Of Happiness (Original Mix) By Andrea Bertolini
  • 06 Back To Zero By Sam Paganini
  • 07 Krakra Hurricane (Original Mix) By Dj Lion & Luigi Rocca
  • 08 breaking point (magitman remix) By Lish
  • 09 King Of The Night Feat. U-Prag (Weekend Heroes Remix) By DJ Slater & Flippers
  • 10 Say Goodbye (Tomcraft Remix) By Phunk investigation
  • 11 Work It Out (Khainz remix) By Magitman
  • 12 Chautari By Ben Coda, Matan Caspi
  • 13 3:30 AM Weekend_Heroes_Remix By Astronivo
  • 14 Up_And_Adam By Riktam & Bansi
  • 15 Automation Monster Part II (Original Mix) By Solid Snake
  • 16 pipe_control By Shifter, Quivver
  • 17 Pepperoni (Joseph Capriati Remix) By Cristian Varela
  • 18 Ping Pong (Original) By MonoMode, Tom Lewis
  • 19 Can You Feel It [Joseph Capriati Remix] By ben sims
  • 20 In_Here_Matan_Caspi_Remix By Ben Coda
  • 21 Sunshine_D_Ramirez_Remix By Tomaz vs Filterheadz
  • 22 Atmostrange (Perfect Stranger Remix) By ElMute
  • 23 Green_Space By Riktam & Bansi
  • 24 Igloo (Hertz rmx) By Enrico Sangiuliano
  • 25 Gamma_Goblins_Riktam___Bansi_Remix By Hallucinogen
  • 26 Congenial_Endeavor By Adam Beyer
  • 27 Headed in Crimea (Original) By Andrea Bertolini
  • 28 Presence (Interactive Noise Remix) By Ace Ventura

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