Psy DJ Mix by Omega Flight – Trip to Trumpton – Triplicity Sep 2013

Psytrance DJ mix by Omega Flight (UK)

Darren aka Omega Flight is seriously influenced by the South African Psy scene so you’ll find artists like Lost & Found, Slug, Hyirant, Brethren and basically anything from the labels Nexus Media or Timecode.

Other influences are the harder uk sound of Scorb, NRS & Deviant Species on labels like L.P.S and Trick music.

  • 01 Dr. Who (Headroom Remix) By Loud
  • 03 Supernova (Magitman Remix) By Weekend Heroes
  • 04 Illuminate By Ben Coda, Matan Caspi
  • 05 Symptoms Of Happiness (Original Mix) By Andrea Bertolini
  • 06 Back To Zero By Sam Paganini
  • 07 Krakra Hurricane (Original Mix) By Dj Lion & Luigi Rocca
  • 08 breaking point (magitman remix) By Lish
  • 09 King Of The Night Feat. U-Prag (Weekend Heroes Remix) By DJ Slater & Flippers
  • 10 Say Goodbye (Tomcraft Remix) By Phunk investigation
  • 11 Work It Out (Khainz remix) By Magitman
  • 12 Chautari By Ben Coda, Matan Caspi
  • 13 3:30 AM Weekend_Heroes_Remix By Astronivo
  • 14 Up_And_Adam By Riktam & Bansi
  • 15 Automation Monster Part II (Original Mix) By Solid Snake
  • 16 pipe_control By Shifter, Quivver
  • 17 Pepperoni (Joseph Capriati Remix) By Cristian Varela
  • 18 Ping Pong (Original) By MonoMode, Tom Lewis
  • 19 Can You Feel It [Joseph Capriati Remix] By ben sims
  • 20 In_Here_Matan_Caspi_Remix By Ben Coda
  • 21 Sunshine_D_Ramirez_Remix By Tomaz vs Filterheadz
  • 22 Atmostrange (Perfect Stranger Remix) By ElMute
  • 23 Green_Space By Riktam & Bansi
  • 24 Igloo (Hertz rmx) By Enrico Sangiuliano
  • 25 Gamma_Goblins_Riktam___Bansi_Remix By Hallucinogen
  • 26 Congenial_Endeavor By Adam Beyer
  • 27 Headed in Crimea (Original) By Andrea Bertolini
  • 28 Presence (Interactive Noise Remix) By Ace Ventura

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