Forums :: List of 4 useful Psy Portals

The few forums listed here are indispensable for the psychedelic music scene, including Dark trance, progressive trance and other electronic music styles.
I came across useful data, links, MUSIC, discussions and info paving my way in the sometimes obscure world of psytrance. After all these years below listed forums are still active. Enjoy!

  • Celtic Psytrance Forum (international) | Click here to visit

    Recording technology festivals, artists, websites and much more. These guys have been around for a while. They recommend new artists (who dj/perform their own production) to post a profile.

  • Isra Trance Forum (international) | Click here to visit

    Everything about trance (psytrance mainly). This site/forum is a virtual authority. Covers festivals, artists, technology, countries etc. To get known this forum is a good place to start.

  • Goabase (international) | Click here to visit

    Like Isra Trance this is a very active site/forum based in Germany ( If you arrange a party (where ever in the world) or need contact with like-minded trance freaks (locally too..) this is a good place to start. Covers all

  • ChaiShop.Com (international) | Click here to visit is much more than only a forum. Another pearl. Definitely a psychedelic and electronic music hub of the big kind. Well worth visiting. They cover the electronic music culture on all bases. Biased towards the Psychedelic Trance community.

Enjoy 8-)

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