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Forums :: List of useful Psy Portals

I came across useful data, links, MUSIC, discussions and info paving my way in the sometimes obscure world of psytrance. After all these years below listed forums are still active. Enjoy!

  • Celtic Psytrance Forum (international) | Click here to visit

    Recording technology festivals, artists, websites and much more. These guys have been around for a while. They recommend new artists (who dj/perform their own production) to post a profile.

  • PsyTech Forums – Psychedelic Trance Music and Culture

    PsyTech Forum (international/Bulgaria) | Click here to visit

    Large participation. Join this psy forum to exchange ideas, music, reviews, producer and recording experience, favourite dj’s, festival news and pictures. Connect with east and central Europe tribes and visionaries. Also visit for free links exchange and psychedelic music website promotion, also managed by the PsyTech Forum people.

  • Isra Trance Forum (international) | Click here to visit

    Everything about trance (psytrance mainly). This site/forum is a virtual authority. Covers festivals, artists, technology, countries etc. To get known this forum is a good place to start.

  • Goabase (international) | Click here to visit

    Like Isra Trance this is a very active site/forum based in Germany ( If you arrange a party (where ever in the world) or need contact with like-minded trance freaks (locally too..) this is a good place to start. Covers all

  • Trance Moon Forum (international) | Click here to visit

    A fairly new forum covering Psy-trance and Dark-trance. A good place to introduce dj mixes and (top quality) songs since it might be broadcast on Psy/Dark Internet radio. Festivals, links and more.

  • ChaiShop.Com (international) | Click here to visit is much more than only a forum. Another pearl. Definitely a psychedelic and electronic music hub of the big kind. Well worth visiting. They cover the electronic music culture on all bases. Biased towards the Psychedelic Trance community.

Enjoy B)

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