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Alien Inspiration Front Cover

Alien Inspiration

"Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception" is the anti-industrial adoption of advanced electronic music technology for the healing of a plane(t) totally gone insane. The psychedelic patterns rhythms and melodies in this sonically detailed production by QPA are inspired by the Goa psytrance music concept. Though, of course, mixed with a good portion of QPA’s original sound. The eternal cosmic party welcomes everybody for a grand experience of unity and peace… forever… Music for mind (= psy), body (= dance) and soul (= infinite).

Goa inspired, psychedelic style electronic beats. Suited for both listening and dancing. As a registered member with qubenzis.com you qualify for a free download of the maxi Alien Inspiration.

FREE DOWNLOAD (qubenzis download store)

Alien Inspiration Front Cover

Track List

  • 01 8:02 144bpm Spread The Word
  • 02 6:57 141bpm Confirmed Alien
  • 03 7:57 144bpm Another Alien Creature
  • 04 8:24 145bpm Second Inception
  • 05 7:32 145bpm First Drop

Spread The Word

Confirmed Alien

Another Alien Creature

Second Inception

First Drop

Album info

alien-inspiration cover art. Music by qpa

  • Name: Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception
  • Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
  • Style: Psychedelic, Neo Goa
  • Length: 39 min
  • Label: LUA Records
  • Distribution.: LUA Records, Qubetech, Bandcamp
  • Release date: JAN 01, 2012
  • Copyright: All Rights Reserved
  • Song writing,
    Mastering: Q.P.A.

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