VIDEO :: Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception. 5 Track EP Mini video mix with visual story

Free full length sample

(MP3 192kb) and more information about the 39 minute EP called Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception

The music in this video is taken from 2 minute samples from all 5 tracks on the EP. The visual effects and video clips are sourced from different authors. See the list with links right below.

Track List

01 8:02 144bpm – Spread The Word
02 6:57 141bpm – Confirmed Alien
03 7:57 144bpm – Another Alien Creature
04 8:24 145bpm – Second Inception
05 7:32 145bpm – First Drop

Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
Label: LUA Records

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Video clips extracted from

1) Ocean Sky by Alex Cherney, 2011,
Stunning Time Lapse Australian Night Sky (HD)

2) EARTH One video you NEED to see

3) Kaleidoscope. Awesome Flash programming. A must see

4) HARD EVIDENCE 3 Top UFO Documentaries 31 Dec 2006

5) Video wallpaper loops from
“Radial Gate”

Alien Inspiration EP

Fair Use Copyright disclaimer

All video clips used are reproduced under “Fair Use” Copyright
Since the purpose and character of the use is…

1) Noncommercial and “transformative” — the original is, in effect,
turned into a new work with a different purpose.

2) The nature of the copyrighted work is small and not central to
the copied work and therefore the effect of the use upon the market
or the potential market for the copyrighted work is none whatsoever.

3) The nature of the work isn’t a substitute for the original and
doesn’t compete with the copied work in the marketplace.

4) All sources are openly revealed to the public thus creating
potential advantage and feedback for the creators of the original

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