VIDEO / EP – SuperNova :: Music by Psychowave. Video Graphics by Trance Visuals!

Video by Trance Visuals. Track from 5 track neogoa psychedelic trance EP - Sunshine Reborn. By Psychowave (aka Natan Bueno), Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Psychowave – Sunshine Reborn

This awesome 5 track neogoa psychedelic trance EP is created by the artists Psychowave (aka Natan Bueno), from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The video is made by Trance Visuals and illustrates one track called Super Nova. The images are acting in seeming symbiosis with the psychedelic music. A beautiful psy video instantly beaming me back to some of the best parties. Read more about this release on, where you also can download it for free in either WAV, FLAC or 320kb mp3 format.

  • Video Graphics: Trance Visuals
  • Music: Psychowave
  • Track Name: SuperNova
  • Mastering: Tim Schuldt
  • Label: NeoGoa netlabel
  • EP name: Psychowave – Sunshine Reborn

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