[Psy Music Video] Spiral Connection! Psytrance Visual Psychedelic FX Video By Q.P.A. Credits listed on this page



This music video is a creation based on a psychedelic trance track called “Spiral Connection“. Composed, recorded and produced by Qubenzis Psy Audio (aka QPA). Also visit Spiral Connection on Youtube. Some of the images used to illustrate the music where found on the Internet (sources listed below). If you like an image please visit the artists web page or the website where it was found for more information. For some of the images I couldn’t find out who’s the creator. If you know who the artist is please contact me and I will credit him/her on this page

Click images to enlarge and for slide show

Trippy! Artwork by Andrew OstinImage Name: Trippy
Artist: Andrew Ostin
Picture web page: Deviant Art. Psion 005

This image I found very inspiring. It became one of the corner stones for the Spiral Connection video project. Andrew Ostin created much and impressive psychedelic art and some of it can be found on his artist profile on DeviantArt

Side of Face. By Aaron SimsImage: Side of alien character
Artist: Aaron Sims
Web pages: www.aaron-sims.com
Featured artist on zbrushcentral.com

Aaron is a professional graphics designer. Created characters for Hollywood like Increadible Hulk, Narnia, The day Earth Stood Still, Mummy, A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

Angry Alien Created by Simon Fellah Image Name: Angry Alien
Artist: Simon Fellah
Artist web page: Gorillaartfare.com
Alien Face found on neogoproductions.comImage Name: Unknown
Artist: Unknown. Many versions of this pic circulating on the Internet.
Picture web page: Noegoproductions
Alien Face found on photobucket.comImage: Alien Face illustration based on alleged witness reports
Artist: From book called ‘Communion’ by Whitley Strieber
Picture web page: Photobucket.com
Giant Alien FaceImage Name: Giant Alien
Artist: Unknown
Picture web page: Tell me where on Earth.com An Internet storefront…
Alien face on X-File posterImage: Alien face on X-File poster
Artist: Adobetutorialz.com
Picture web page: www.webdesign.org
Space City Fallen LightsImage Name: Space City Fallen Lights
Artist: Suresh Raja
Artists web page: Photoshoptalent.com Artist home page
Autumn's Lament by HyperorbitImage Name: Autumn’s Lament
Artist: Hyperorbit
Picture web page: Photoshoptalent.com Autumn’s Lament home page
Voodoo Magic by  Bruce BrouwnImage Name: Voodoo Magic
Artist: Bruce Brouwn
Picture web page: Photoshoptalent.com image home page
Artist: Bruce Brouwn
Picture web page: Bruce Brouwn’s ENLIGHTENMENT
Santa is waiting for U By Khing KhingImage Name: Santa is waiting for U
Artist: Khing Khing
Picture web page: Visit the image home page
The Aftermath by ShutupandwhisperImage Name: The Aftermath
Artist: Shutupandwhisper
Picture web page: The Aftermath home page

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