Cosmic Embryo Electronica, 77:50 min 12 track Album by Qubenzis! Electronic / Techno / Experimental

Cosmic Embryo. The Electronica tech Album Cover Art
Cosmic Embryo Electronica
Electronica / Techno / Experimental

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On this 12 track album most songs are based on a straight kick with the syncopated back beats lingering behind or ‘inside’ the sound. With the Cosmic Embryo Electronica album Qubenzis musically describes a world built of melodically darker themes. With the exception of the almost romantic “Symbiosis Theme” melody and, not to forget the forever cruising ambiance album title track “Cosmic Embryo“.

Techno! Cross genre psychedelic, hard, soft. Tweaked world of frequency modulation, prominent straight kicks blended with syncopated beats. Also a few breaks and back beats

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