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Zenhiser is specializing in professional music Loops, Drum Beats, Drum Sounds, Sound FX and so much more. They are a professional audio sound design company operating from London, England and Perth, Australia. The company started officially in 2005. They offer high quality pro audio sample cds and audio download packs created by expert producers, sound designers and remixers.

The Zenhiser production music library is aimed for all levels of music producers & composers at very competitive rates. They offer ample choice of sounds for electronic music genres like Trance, Techno, House etc. Examples of categories are: Alerts and Alarms, Bass Hits, Bass Loops, Blips Bleeps And Tweaks, Cymbals & Crashes, Drum Kits, Drum Loops, Sound Effects, Music Loops


Home page: http://www.zenhiser.com
Blog http://zenhiser.wordpress.com

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"Try before you buy", a collection of samples extracted from pro download packs. All samples are at least 44.1khz, 16 bit wav. Compiled in ZIP format.
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  • 101 Perfectly Crafted Goa Presets & Patches For NI Massive Synth That Are As Authentic As They Get! - We’ve been wondering for a long time, why with so many genres and sub genres of synth presets has no one created a top notch collection of Classic Goa presets? The sound still resonates in a lot of psy trance productions and we were baffled so what did we do, yes that bloody right, we […]
  • 300 New Techno Kicks For The Sexier Side Of Techno! - We’re back with another Kick Masters pack and this one’s a Techno monster! 150 of the finest, programmed to perfection techno kick drums that will suit just about every sub genre of Techno. It doesn’t matter if you make Full On Techno, Minimal Techno, Classic Detroit Techno, Minimal Tech, Underground Techno or even Berlin Techno, […]
  • Brand New, Funky As Hell Techno Loops Hits The Zenhiser Shelves - Ready to get deep, funky and twisted, well today we’re rolling out probably one of the coolest techno packs to date. Rolling Techno is as the name suggests, a fusion of yesteryear and today’s upfront sound of Techno, it’s as funky as hell whilst still driving enough to make even the most dedicated techno head […]
  • Zenhiser’s Back With Psytrance FX03, The Pivotal Psytrance Sample Movement! - We’re back with the third fx instalment for all you Psytrance freaks, 152 brand new psytrance fx ready to drop into your mix and finish your tracks off in seconds. Honestly once you’ve heard these psytrance fx monsters you’ll realise just how much you need them for your transitions, drops, fades, sweeps and all round […]
  • 490+ Main Room House Basslines, Synth Loops, Drum Beats & FX! - Holy Guacamole, we’re back with another Main Room House monster and this one rocks big time! 493 Main Room House samples, loops and fx ready to use straight out the virtual box and with just about every sample sounding friggin massive this is going to lift your productions to a whole new level. There’s hooky […]
  • 100 New Essential Deep House Presets For NI Massive Synth! - With the ever evolving sound of Deep House we thought it was our duty to arm our producers with an alternative collection of Deep House presets designed exclusively for Native Instruments Massive synth. Moving more towards the Leftroom Records & Crosstown Rebels sounds these deep house presets turn on their head merging Deep House, Minimal […]
  • 630 Brand New Transformers FX & Robotic FX Out Now! - After the incredible success of Transformer FX we had no choice but to go back in the studio and come up with a follow up sample pack that would freak the living sh*t out of you. It’s taken 4 months to make Transformer FX2 and we loved every single minute of making it, spine tingly […]
  • Zenhiser’s Back With Massive Techno Presets. 100 Uber Cool Techno Presets Ready To Use & Abuse - We’re covering all the main genres with our NI Massive presets and until now Techno is one genre that desperately needed an obliterating array of uber cool presets. With that in mind we locked our techno producer in the studio, stocked him up with Ramen noodles for a month, two pairs of his tech geek […]
  • 300+ Drum Sounds That Will Blow All Producers Minds! - We’re back with another progressive house monster, and this one rocks big time! Progressive House Drummer 2 delves further into the progressive house and main room house sound delivering an obliterating collection of drum sounds, drum fx and percussion that will simply blow your mind. Edging on the slighter tougher and darker side this drum […]
  • 280 New Drum Beats From the 1980’s, Out Now! - Every year in the 80’s delivers a wealth of drum beat sand 1988 is one blinding year. Capturing the essence and style of all the main pop & clubbing hits from 1988 this eighties drum beats packs is an outstanding archive of what was great in the music of the 80’s. Ranging from slow sublime […]
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