VIDEO :: Synchronicity by Design. Visualized Psychedelic Trance

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Video :: Psytrance / Goa

Below you can see the animated music video for the track called Synchronicity by Design. If you like the music you can find free full length promo downloads of this and another song in MP3 192kb on this page, including info and previews about the 59 minute album called Alien Face Lift


This track is about "the moment of truth" when realizing the sacred universal law of spontaneous synchronism

Track Data

  • Track Name: Synchronicity By Design
  • From Album: Alien Face Lift
  • Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
  • Duration: 9:10 min
  • Velocity: 142bpm
  • Label: Qubetechnet Records
  • Style: Psychedelic trance, Goa
  • Download Buy: Qubenzis Download Store

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