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Meta Dawn

With this release QPA offers a glimpse into a mature Psychedelic Trance sonic universe, delivering imaginatively, intelligently mind-bending, kick ass, electronic dance beats. The twilight zone in between Dark and melodic-Full On. Enjoy!

Meta Dawn is about the "knowledge equals freedom" concept. Whatever is hidden must be brought into light. The truth is for all to know. Openness and transparency is the only way to go. To embrace the forthcoming age with trust, honesty and love, not only to our near ones, but to everybody sentient in this very alive and sparkling universe.

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Meta Dawn - Total Disclosure Demanded Front Album Art Cover

Single tracks MP3 192kb

Meta Dawn - album front cover art

Meta Dawn album cover. Psytrance by QPA

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Track List

  • 1. 08:10 The Meta Dawn
  • 2. 08:11 Meta Resistance
  • 3. 06:49 Timeline Creator
  • 4. 09:16 Final Chakra Meta Remix
  • 5. 07:08 Crystalline DNA
  • 6. 07:57 The One Love Equation
  • 7. 07:11 Obsolete Consensus
  • 8. 08:40 Spiral Connection Meta Remix

Album info

  • Name: Meta Dawn
  • Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
  • Style: Psy, Progressive, Goa
  • Length: 63 minutes
  • Label: Qubetech, Bandcamp
  • Release date: JAN, 2010
  • UPC: 884502391985
  • Copyright: All Rights Reserved
  • Song writing, Production, Mastering: Q.P.A.

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