Believer :: Maxi by anunusualleopard | Downbeat eclectic soundscapes

Believer EP cover art for this publication by Anunusualleopard. Released by NCP Records

Believer, epic release by anunusualleopard

The third release by anunusualleopard, an electronic, experimental collaboration based on live studio improvisations by dmcq, QPA and featuring in this release, Marty Snape on bass. The recording sessions were held in south of Spain, where they played in a house situated in the mountains, far away from any disturbances.

Anunusualleopard produce improvised electronic music through a maze of no input mixing desk, synths and laptops. Instruments used are no-input mixing desk with electronic guitar effects and Reason, Ableton effects and looping, sound and voice samples, analogue synthesizers and bass guitar. The live recordings were then edited and post produced by QPA (qubenzis psy audio). Cover art is an image from a real life painting created by dmcq. Influences include AMM, Toshimaru Nakamura, Jackson Pollock and other improvisational electronic artists.



  • 1. 07:55 – desert light deep
  • 2. 07:56 – believer
  • 3. 09:19 – regurgitation
  • 4. 07:28 – could be now
NOTICE: this release is also available in most major download stores


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