Psychedelic Glide! Full on 70 min Psytrance DJ Mix by q.p.a

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Psychedelic Glide DJ mix

This mix is to this day still recommended! Especially if you haven’t heard it or the included songs. A glide through the psychedelic trance moods with songs from some of the major artists representing the psytrance music when this mix was recorded. Enjoy Xerox & Illumination, Protoculture, X-Noize and more.

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  • Psychedelic Glide – 94MB ZIP (mp3 + playlist)
  • Or.. download the mp3 directly by right-clicking on the player and then choose “Save audio as…”

File info

  • Mix name: VA Psychedelic Glide
  • DJ: q.p.a
  • Style: V/A – Psychedelic Trance (Full On / Progressive)
  • Time: 70:00 minutes
  • Tempo: 142 – 145
  • Playlist: Yes, see below (also included with downloads)
  • Flile Type: mp3, 192kbps, 44.1Mhz/16bit
  • Package: ZIP 94MB

1 – Bass Safari
By: Xerox & Illumination
Release: The Best Within, 2007
Info / CD: Psyshop

2 – Driven
By: Protoculture
Release: Circadelians
Info / CD:

3 – Brain Wave
by: X-Noize – Club Mix
Release: Mental Notes
Info / CD:
Review: Isra Trance

4 – Sweet Fine Chrystaline
By: Protoculture
Release: Circadelians
Info / CD:

5 – Nilaya
By: Astral Projection
Release: Ten, 2004
Info / CD:

6 – Electro Panic (Psycraft remix)
By: Infected Mushroom and Yahe
Release: Computech 2005)
Info / CD:

7 – Erotica 7 (Remix)
By: Hyper Frequencies
Release: Mental Displacement, 2006
Info / CD:

8 – Beater Sweat
By: Black & White
Release: Frame by Frame, 2005
Info / CD: Discogs

9 – Stay Where You Are
By: Eskimo (Release: Ballonitic Part Two)
Info / CD: Discogs

10 – Tension
By: Black & White
Release: Frame by Frame, 2005)
Info / CD: Discogs

11 – Terra Tronics
By: Protoculture
Release: Circadelians
Info / CD:



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