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Psychedelic Trance Artists Top List!

Listed by Internet popularity. This list shows how – Open Directory interpret the current scene of Psytrance artists, bands and producers (not Dark Trance). And, just to brag, is in this directory list right here..


QPA Alien HeadsAstral Projection –
Official homepage of the Israeli trance band of Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter with biography, news, contact, video and mp3 downloads.
QPA Alien HeadsAnalog Pussy –
Official site of the psychedelic trance duo from Israel. News, videos, pictures from live shows and downloadable mp3s.
QPA Alien HeadsInfected Mushroom –
Official site of the Israeli trance band Infected Mushroom.
QPA Alien HeadsAlien Project –
The personal psychedelic trance project of producer and DJ Ari Linker from Israel. Includes albums, parties, news, gallery and a forum.
QPA Alien HeadsEat Static –
Interactive site featuring music, video, downloads, news, reviews, and merchandise.
QPA Alien HeadsSoundsource Music –
Electronic music producer. Offering MP3 downloads, a personal weblog and artist news.
QPA Alien HeadsPlanet Ben –
Official site of German DJ and producer Planet B.E.N. also known as Organic Noise.
QPA Alien Heads –
Ambient psytrance duo from Israel.
QPA Alien HeadsVibrasphere –
Website of the psychedelic trance duo from Uppsala, Sweden.
QPA Alien HeadsWrecked Machines –
Psytrance DJ and producer Gabriel Serrasqueiro from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
QPA Alien HeadsElectric Universe –
Official site of the psychedelic trance producers from Germany.
QPA Alien HeadsSon Kite –
Official website of the Swedish progressive psychedelic trance duo. Information, live download and party pictures.
QPA Alien HeadsS.U.N. Project –
The rocky psychedelic trance live act from Germany. Discography section and track previews.
QPA Alien HeadsWizzy Noise –
The official website of the psytrance duo from Greece. Features parties, news and a download section.
QPA Alien HeadsSquaremeat –
Experimental psychedelic trance artist from Finland.
QPA Alien HeadsMan With No Name –
Official site of British psytrance artist Martin Freeland.
QPA Alien HeadsShpongle –
Page dedicated to the Shpongle project from the artist’s label.
QPA Alien HeadsLogic Bomb –
The official website of the psychedelic trance act from Sweden.
QPA Alien HeadsDivinorum –
Latest news about ethnic trance and Goa trance project Divinorum. Sound clips from releases, lyrics, online CD ordering and fan newsletter.
QPA Alien HeadsXenomorph –
Dark psytrance artist from Germany. News, discography, images and sounds.
QPA Alien HeadsDeeper in Zen –
Official site of the psytrance act from New York. The site features music, video, downloads, and news.
QPA Alien Heads –
Homepage of the psychedelic trance duo from Sweden. News, biography, discography and downloads.
QPA Alien HeadsTim Schuldt –
MySpace profile of the German trance artist. Contains discography, contact information and streaming audio.
QPA Alien HeadsLoopus In Fabula –
Psychedelic trance group from Italy. Audio samples of original tracks and DJ mixes.
QPA Alien Heads –
Danish producer and live artist. Includes discography, audio clips and video, and photographs.
QPA Alien Heads –
Japanese solo artist. Contains biography, discography, MP3 previews and news.
QPA Alien HeadsFractal Glider –
Official site of the Melbourne based trance artist. Contains pictures, parties and studio information.
QPA Alien Heads –
The Swedish psytrance artist official webpage. Includes news, promo previews and guestbook.
QPA Alien HeadsPsycho Abstract –
Goa trance artist from Spain. Contains news, biography, booking information and photos.
QPA Alien HeadsSubconsciousmind –
Psychedelic trance artist from Germany. Site contains blog, graphics, audio tutorials and information.
QPA Alien HeadsBeyond Third Spring –
Includes news, discography with audio samples, and picture galleries.
QPA Alien HeadsCujorius One –
Features discography, mp3’s, pictures, contact information and biographies.
QPA Alien HeadsQubenzis –
Electronic music artist and producer Ricky Maard. DJ mixes, loops, sound samples and mp3 downloads. Contact and booking form. Enjoy dj Qubenzis Psy Audio’s production
QPA Alien HeadsPulse Plant –
Electronic musician from Toronto, Canada. Site features audio, images, biography and contact information.
QPA Alien Heads –
Free downloads from the group’s discography.
QPA Alien HeadsMiraculix –
Official site of the Swedish psychdelic trance act.
QPA Alien HeadsPhacelift –
Progressive psytrance act from Greece/UK. Features news, unreleased tracks downloads, discography and biography.
QPA Alien HeadsBitshift Project –
Progressive psychedelic trance artists from Germany.
QPA Alien Heads –
Official site of Freq producer Aran Gallagher based in Melbourne, Australia.
QPA Alien Heads –
Official site of DJ and producer La Baaz from Switzerland.
QPA Alien HeadsMittelstands Kinder Ohne Strom –
Official site of the Germany based Christian Bruckhaus and Andi Muller. Contains news, discography and contact information.
QPA Alien Heads –
Official website from the Danish project with history, release information and links to online resources.
QPA Alien HeadsPsychonauticMindLab –
Psychedelic collaboration from Switzerland and Asia.
QPA Alien Heads –
Official site with track downloads and contact information.
QPA Alien HeadsMinimal Criminal –
Official site of the minimal psytrance duo from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Contains news, releases, biographies and mp3
QPA Alien HeadsSaiko Pod –
Psychedelic trance from Denmark. Group history and biography of founding member DJ Ian Ion.
QPA Alien HeadsBroken Toy –
Personal site of James Copeland, psytrance producer and electronic musician from South Africa.
QPA Alien HeadsLightsphere –
Website of the progressive trance act from Hamburg.
QPA Alien Heads –
Official site of the German producer and DJ Michael Shults.
QPA Alien HeadsToï Doï –
French psytrance act’s official home page with information, mp3 downloads, and photographs.
QPA Alien Heads –
Official site of the progressive psytrance duo from New Zealand
QPA Alien Heads –
Official website of the Israeli psytrance artist. Contains news, shop, calendar and contact details.
QPA Alien HeadsKrueger & Coyle –
Psychedelic music duo. Contains pictures, information and latest releases.
QPA Alien Heads –
Website of Nano and Manique, trance producers from Brazil.
QPA Alien Heads –
Live percussion artist from the USA combining trance and electronic music.
QPA Alien HeadsHexadecimal –
Live electronica act from Brisbane, Australia.
QPA Alien Heads –
Psychedelic trance artist from Australia. Includes biography, gallery, store and links.
QPA Alien HeadsGreen Guerilla Groovers –
Psytrance project from DJ Bungee Terramoog. Goa trance links, audio and videos.
QPA Alien Heads –
Site of producer and DJ Razzek from Essex, UK.
QPA Alien HeadsPsychogenesis –
Psychedelic electronic musician from Melbourne, Australia.
QPA Alien HeadsEarthmen –
Earthmen is a Colorado based psychedelic music group. Site includes party flyers and sample music.
QPA Alien Heads –
Psychedelic trance duo from Sweden. Official website with news, discography, booking information and live events.
QPA Alien HeadsMidi Miliz –
Techno trance project by Hamburg based Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe also known as Spirallianz and part of Delta.
QPA Alien HeadsDigital Talk –
Official site of the French duo. Playlist, parties, bookings and links.
QPA Alien HeadsMind Manipulation –
Homepage of the Mind Manipulation music project. Created in 1999 by Kenneth Edward Peralta.

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