TOP 50 Psychedelic Trance Oldies Artists and Groups Listed With Links

Psychedelic Trance Artists and bands. Listed as viewed by Internet search engines... a long time ago. Find your favourite Psy producer or performer and visit their website!

Psychedelic Trance Artists Top List!

This list shows how the scene of Psytrance artists, bands and producers occurred around 2010 – 12 (not Dark Trance). Note that many new psy bands and artists arrived since this list was originally made. All the links were again checked spring 2019 and should lead to an active webpage with more info about the artists etc.


Astral ProjectionAstral Projection –
Official homepage of the Israeli trance band of Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter with biography, news, contact, video and mp3 downloads.
QPA Alien HeadsAnalog Pussy –
Official site of the psychedelic trance duo from Israel. News, videos, pictures from live shows and downloadable mp3s.
QPA Alien HeadsInfected Mushroom –
Official site of the Israeli trance band Infected Mushroom.
QPA Alien HeadsEat Static –
Interactive site featuring music, video, downloads, news, reviews, and merchandise.
QPA Alien HeadsPlanet Ben –
Official site of German DJ and producer Planet B.E.N. also known as Organic Noise.
QPA Alien Heads –
Ambient psytrance duo from Israel.
QPA Alien HeadsVibrasphere –
Website of the psychedelic trance duo from Uppsala, Sweden.
QPA Alien HeadsWrecked Machines –
Psytrance DJ and producer Gabriel Serrasqueiro from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
QPA Alien HeadsElectric Universe –
Official site of the psychedelic trance producers from Germany.
QPA Alien HeadsSon Kite –
Official website of the Swedish progressive psychedelic trance duo. Information, live download and party pictures.
QPA Alien HeadsS.U.N. Project –
The rocky psychedelic trance live act from Germany. Discography section and track previews.
QPA Alien HeadsSquaremeat –
Experimental psychedelic trance artist from Finland.
QPA Alien HeadsMan With No Name –
Official site of British psytrance artist Martin Freeland.
QPA Alien HeadsShpongle –
Page dedicated to the Shpongle project from the artist’s label.
QPA Alien HeadsLogic Bomb –
The official website of the psychedelic trance act from Sweden.
QPA Alien HeadsXenomorph –
Dark psytrance artist from Germany. News, discography, images and sounds.
QPA Alien HeadsDeeper in Zen –
Official site of the psytrance act from New York. The site features music, video, downloads, and news.
QPA Alien HeadsTim Schuldt –
MySpace profile of the German trance artist. Contains discography, contact information and streaming audio.
QPA Alien HeadsLoopus In Fabula –
Psychedelic trance group from Italy. Audio samples of original tracks and DJ mixes.
QPA Alien Heads –
Danish producer and live artist. Includes discography, audio clips and video, and photographs.
QPA Alien HeadsPsycho Abstract –
Goa trance artist from Spain. Contains news, biography, booking information and photos.
QPA Alien HeadsSubconsciousmind –
Psychedelic trance artist from Germany. Site contains blog, graphics, audio tutorials and information.
QPA Alien HeadsBeyond Third Spring –
Includes news, discography with audio samples, and picture galleries.
QPA Alien HeadsQubenzis –
Electronic music artist and producer QPA. DJ mixes, loops, sound samples and mp3 downloads. Contact and booking form. Enjoy dj Qubenzis Psy Audio’s production
QPA Alien HeadsPulse Plant –
Electronic musician from Toronto, Canada. Site features audio, images, biography and contact information.
QPA Alien HeadsMiraculix –
Official site of the Swedish psychdelic trance act.
QPA Alien HeadsPhacelift –
Progressive psytrance act from Greece/UK. Features news, unreleased tracks downloads, discography and biography.
QPA Alien HeadsBitshift Project –
Progressive psychedelic trance artists from Germany.
QPA Alien Heads –
Official site with track downloads and contact information.
QPA Alien HeadsMinimal Criminal –
Official site of the minimal psytrance duo from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Contains news, releases, biographies and mp3
QPA Alien HeadsSaiko Pod –
Psychedelic trance from Denmark. Group history and biography of founding member DJ Ian Ion.
QPA Alien HeadsLightsphere –
Website of the progressive trance act from Hamburg.
QPA Alien HeadsToï Doï –
French psytrance act’s official home page with information, mp3 downloads, and photographs.
QPA Alien Heads –
Website of Nano and Manique, trance producers from Brazil.
QPA Alien HeadsHexadecimal –
Live electronica act from Brisbane, Australia.
QPA Alien HeadsGreen Guerilla Groovers –
Psytrance project from DJ Bungee Terramoog. Goa trance links, audio and videos.
QPA Alien Heads –
Psychedelic trance duo from Sweden. Official website with news, discography, booking information and live events.
QPA Alien HeadsMidi Miliz –
Techno trance project by Hamburg based Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe also known as Spirallianz and part of Delta.
QPA Alien HeadsDigital Talk –
Official site of the French duo. Playlist, parties, bookings and links.

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