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Enjoy electronic music and sounds offered on qubenzis.com. Find and download tracks, songs, samples and loops, representing various electronic music genres ranging from up beat psychedelic, breaks, big beat grime to more chilled downbeat atmospheric, dub, psybient, break beat, ambient and experimental fusion. The music is for the most part created by the Existfour Label artists qpa, dmcq and snappertronics, either together or individually

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are available mostly as individual selected files rather than in sample packs. You can create your own collection of sounds by adding them one by one to the cart. The sample collection is growing sound by sound. Audio sample files are formatted in WAV / 44.1Khz / 16bit / and each individual file can be purchased for micro payments of 5 to 10 cents each (bitcoin accepted).

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Journey flat out into grime basses, deep kick break-beats, engaging synthesized leads, teasing vocal samples and obscure(ish) soundscapes. Get free promo track!

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127 FX Loops samples pack is mainly in loop format. But also a bunch of powerful one drop samples. Add atmosphere to your recordings. Style is cross genre.

Flat Out 1 includes phat kicks, accentuated grime basses and break beats in symphony with deep atmos and psyched leads. Music for both listening and dancing.

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A dark(ish) psychedelic chill experience cruising through qpa's original world of psy beats, odd voice samples and subtle melody, bringing a light onto the strangers "path". Downloads available in…

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Alien Face Lift is a hip wobbling, intelligent and melodic progressive psytrance maxi for electronic music lovers and dj's! Buy flac or mp3 downloads here.

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Bassedup, 5 track maxi, includes progressive psy remixes of Air Shuttle 5959, Spiral Connection and three more solid psykick songs produced 4 U 2 enjoy! Downloads available in…

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