Hey, why do they give away, almost free, those F*$~’*ng iPhones? To children…?

Blue Bio Hazrd from layoutsparks.comThe problem is that we still have billions of ppl who live like machines. Most ppl watching TV (like every day) are totally brainwashed, hardly can speak with them…

Now I know a bit how Galileo must have felt when he tried to inform the ppl and the priesthood about his discovery that the earth is NOT flat. Well, he was snuffed out by the Catholics (no remorse there..) who still to this day refuse to share their enormous riches with the poor of the world. Yes I know, they gave him an official “we where wrong” a few hundred years later, during which the earth remained flat.

Waiting for the wound to spurt open, and it will… already is, big time! Cities are dangerous to live in these days (and always was..), total radiation and petrol fume attack… all the time, 24/7.

Hey, why do they give away, almost free, all those F*$~’*ng iPhones? Well, if you’re a brainwashed TV addict you’ll most probably become “happy” to have one… but it’s not real happiness.. and it might damage one of your most important free assets, the brain. As Alex Jones says so rightly “There is a War going on over our brains” …The INFOWAR!! Who wins our free will?

Close the mobile, it will fry your brain too, proven.. G4 most probably will toast it into bacon… bit by bit… parkinson’s dementia? Neurological dysfunctions? long term side effects = big pharma profits =  Cannibals = They live from the blood of other humans.

The brains of our Children… the NEW slaves? blah blah blah… But then again, if my brain and heart was pure it’s to much impressions, raw hard-core data and feelings that need to be processed. The horrible truth about the state of our Global mismanagement is to much to think about for most. Give me more of the religion / TV opium so I, with a good consciousness, can pretend it is all “normal”. The so fictive status quo.

Easier to watch the monkey-box and stuff one-self with drugs… legal prescribed chemicals created by the same entity running the slave/ brainwash machine. They put the drugs in the beer, soft drinks and in most mass-produced supermarket products… and, naturally, in most pharmaceuticals. And in the drinking water… Flour, keeps the brain in a dulled receptive state preparing it for to assimilate all the half and full lies without questioning.

Then getting ready for another day slaving to pay off that damned loan that was so easy to get and so hard to payback…. and never will be paid back, cause it’s not meant to… Don’t you get it? Perpetual debt is part of the design. And all the radiation waves that bombard us are designed to keep ppl oblivious, incapable to take control of the natural thought process, that, if let free, will wake us up and tell us what’s really going on, letting us reach unbelievable heights.

Already as a child I didn’t like big cities. I was lucky to live also in the countryside at times, I knew there was a choice, so as an adult… farewell big city life… farewell stress and continues electronic microwave bombardment, farewell TV…. But even out here it’s infested by the malfunctioning society machine monster, gobbling its way over the land feeding on the bones of the dying planet.

It’s time to wake up dudes and dudesses, it really is.

We’re in the middle of the flight right now, not enough fuel to turn around.. And the pilot is seriously ill. Does anybody know how to fly and land this thing?



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  • A says:

    Buddy, you have a very interesting take on psytrance. Your music harks back to the old days of trance and is very unique and psychedelic. Boooom Shankar!!!

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