Nord Sequencers – Classic Goa Psy Samples

Clavia Nord Lead

The "Classic" Nord Goa samples were created with the intent to easily make some Goa psy. The audio files are fairly long 20 to 60 seconds progressions allowing for the frequency sweep to change phases. Enjoy these sequencer wav samples produced with a Nord Modular hardware synth.

Samples are also available inside the 50 Nord Modular Sequencers Samples Pack. You can listen to the preview below.


zip archives - 4 ~ 10 MB

Nord Goa classic sample data

  • Content: Analogue synth loop 44.1Khz / 16Bit WAV audio
  • Mastering: Slightly compressed and equalized
  • Tempo: about 140 – 145 bpm
  • Style: Simple goa style sequencer recordings suitable for electronic music production
  • Produced by: qubenzispsyaudio
  • You are allowed to sample, mash-up, or otherwise creatively transform this work for commercial or non-commercial purposes. However, if you plan to publish your works publicly you may want to read Sampling License here

Play preview

Nord Sequencer – Goa 01 (snippet from original 25s sample)

Nord Sequencer – Goa 02 with kick (snippet from original 62s sample)

Nord Sequencer – Goa 03 with kick (snippet from original 26s sample)

Nord Sequencer – Goa 04 (snippet from original 40s sample)

Nord Sequencer – Goa 05 (snippet from original 53s sample)

Nord Sequencer – Goa 06 (snippet from original 13s sample)

Nord Sequencer – Goa Kick Drum (snippet from original 13s sample)