Cyborg Music Fractal Dimension Art and Video From Cyberdelia Maxi

CM Fractal art 23-109

Cyborg Music Fractal Dimension

is free for listening and to download. UFO Academy is a straight forward progressive trance track more than typical psytrance. I always find it difficult to properly define the genre for my tracks. Though there are enough small effects and ‘weird’ sounds that definitely could be called psychedelic.

Cyborg Music fractal art and music

The music and fractal (wallpaper) art (see below) used in this psy video was created by CM. For you guys who like the sounds I suggest you go to Cyborg Music Weebly and download, free, the Cyberdelia EP. A collection of songs created by Cyborg Music during 2012 and 2013. The EP name “Cyberdelia” is inspired by all musicians and producers within the Internet psychedelic music movement.

You can also visit this page here on where the Maxi also is presented. Enjoy!

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