Album by Griboz Project + VIDEO :: Deep consciousness! Dark and deep with a strong floating feel. Enjoy!

Griboz project - Deep Consciousness

Griboz Project Dark Psytrance, Album. Publish by: Lua Records (UK). Download and listen samples from here: Trance Moon Download Store. Also check the promo video just below or go to Youtube

Album Data
Artist: Griboz Project
Release: Deep consciousness
Genre: DarkPsy
Label: Lua Records
Catalog N: LUARCD024
Release Date: 25/04/2012
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 932342 999783

1 Griboz Project – dance of the fairies 154 bpm
2 Griboz Project – Vargan’s trip 150 bpm
3 Griboz Project – magic virus 150 bpm
4 Griboz Project – deep consciousness 148 bpm
5 Griboz Project – purgatory of souls 150 bpm
6 Griboz Project – the time has come 150 bpm
7 Griboz Project – decomposition into parts 150 bpm
8 Griboz Project – UFO invasion in brain 150 bpm
9 Griboz Project – syndrome as sleepwalking 175 bpm

About the Release
Deep consciousness release is full of driving sounds and deep bass lines. Dark and deep with a strong floating feel, the artist show how much his work has evolute and how it is dominating all the aspects of music production. Low beats and strong emotions will be filled with psychedelic sounds to make you dance or only travel inside of your mind…

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