Winamp psy music visuals with Milkdrop! How to easily make psytrance video FX’s

Winamp psy music visual effetcs

This describes an easy way to create stunning visual psy video effects. All psytrance video producers can take advantage of this fairly simple method. Learn with papaheavypsy how to fast make awesome psychedelic effects for your videos. For Youtube or other projects craving some imaginary visualizations.

Winamp Psy FX Tutorial

Below is a simple image tutorial on how to use Milkdrop visualization plugin for creating psychedelic audio effects. More about: Winamp | Video screen capture


Winamp psy visualizations
Winamp psy visualizations with Milkdrop (1) (enlarge)


tutorial part 2
Milkdrop tutorial (2) (enlarge)


Psychedelic Milkdrop part 3
Psytrance music effects synched in Winamp 3) (enlarge)

Get the WINAMP player

Many Windows users consider Winamp to be the coolest desktop audio player. If you haven’t got it it’s available for free download from Remember, if you have an old version of Winamp you need to upadate to the get the latest version of WINAMP (downoad). It comes with the install by default.

Video Screen Capture

Additionally you might be interested in video screen capture software in order to record all the cool visual effects, directly from the desktop screen. To get started in the quest to find some interesting screen capture software you can use this google search results page using our custom search engine (this site) on the words video + screen + capture + free + download + software

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