Pioneer Pro DJ – Why break my brain with nonsense!

Recently I got a ‘Friend’ request from PioneerPro DJ (DJ equipment) on my site. They graciously offered QubenzisDJ to participate in an exciting competition, one draw a month, for a pair of headphones in exchange for putting their Myspace avatar in our ‘top friends’ position.

I replied the following to PioneerPro DJ, Myspace … Until now, when writing this, they didn’t accept my ‘Friends’ comment,

Screen Shot, Pioneer equipment


for the friend thing and your generous invitation. I’m sorry but I have to decline the competition. Qubenzis DJ won’t put your Avatar into the top- friends position unless you FIRST deliver a pair of ultra-cool headphones.. But we gladly accept your friendship.

Who is making your Myspace marketing strategy anyway? It sucks! Though, admittedly, your intentions clearly are within business ethic standards. It’s a shame to see that a big company (like yours) having thousands of DJ’s and ‘industry’ people as ‘friends, can’t come up with something more enticing.

Heehe, with over 41 thousand ‘friends’ and one draw a month. Lets see the maths here… with 12 draws a year, divided in 41,000 = 3417 (years) to go through your friend list. How many hundred years up the line would Qubenzis DJ be?

Qubenzis is an Alien species so we can wait a few hundred years for our turn, but by that time YOU might have forgotten. YOU = the unfortunate employee (or machine software helper) clicking friend buttons in order to find who the opportunity hungry DJ’s are. Those loyal, vinyl and CD jockeying souls who actually put your LOGO in their top friends position without even asking for a click through reference number.

I love PIONEER’s equipment though. I had a few of your amps and still run my home studio monitors with a 10 year old Pioneer amplifier that works like a clock. Don’t get me wrong here… I haven’t forgot your excellent DJ CD mixers/players.

Your friend for ever,

::::rich:::: Audio Tek ::::| Read the strategy | for how PioneerPro DJ could

Part 2 – The solution


Start a password protected page on the Internet where you put a bunch of ‘must have’ cool DJ and recording software, utilities and other goodies for ‘free’ download.

Give potential members the option to put your button on their web sites, as well as on their top friend position on their Myspace sites, before allowing them access to the free downloads. Free members should also have to verify that they are real ‘industry’ people, dj’s, whatever.

Since PioneerPro DJ is a big company the software shouldn’t be to hard to get hold on for minor licensing fees or even for ‘free’. Many lesser software producers (and also prominent ones) know exactly how to gain economical advantage in getting their programs on your site.

The slogan would then be: Put our logo on your front page (wherever, site or Myspace) and we’ll give you access to our ‘Pioneer Special Friends’ free download site (normally $10.00 for membership).

So where is the money?

The cash in this strategy would come out of the extras that the members happily would pay for when they once signed up. Like sofisticated high-res samples, or additional DA AD converters necessary for really good recordings etc. The kind of stuff you already sell.

There’s more cash hidden in the ‘spin-off effect’. The hype that would emerge. Everybody want to be ‘special’. People would feel privileged to be members of ‘Pioneer Special Friends’ web site (I would..). The ones that where not invited will pay in order to ‘get in on it’. Software companies might produce special software for you only to get a piece of the cake.. etc. etc.

Don’t play cheap, when you can afford to be cool..
::::rich:::: Audio Tek ::::

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