PSY TUNNELS :: Psychedelic Music Party :: Gata de Gorgos (Alicante), Spain


Psychedelic Music Party :: Gata de Gorgos (Alicante), Spain.

A Full On music experience with psychedelic dj’s living in Spain. In and outdoors… Mixed genres.

Price: FREE
Location: Gata de Gorgos (Alicante), Spain
Start Time: Sat Jun 5, 2010 16:00
End Time: Sun Jun 6, 2010 18:00
Organizer: Atalayasa

DJ Line up:
16:00 Alien NRG (Algarians sound.) Valencia
18:00 Zoe (Algarians sound.) Valencia
20:00 P3po (Algarians sound.) Valencia
22:00 ChImBo (Fullmoongui) Córdoba
00:00 P-Drop (Sevilla)
02:00 QPA (Qubenzis Psy Audio) Suecia
04:00 Lion Ras (Atalayasa) La Mancha-Jávea
06:00 Hipnoise (Madrid)
08:00 Yarza (Dinsha Prana Rec/Kinki Aliens) Madrid
10:00 Sungaze (Madrid)
12:00 Oso (Kinki Aliens) Madrid
14:00 KEEMYO (Atalayasa) Jávea
16:00 ALEX (Atalayasa) Jávea

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