Psyrobics [Other Intelligence] Full Song! Free Download psyhedelic Trance by QPA

Psyrobics Cover Art. Based on 3D image created by Alahuin

Psyrobics mini cover art imagePsyrobics

is created for the Psy dance floor. Written in Ableton 7. VST’s and a Nord Modular Synthesizer. Mastered in Live and Wavelab 5. As usual your comments are truly appreciated as they often inspire to make better songs. Please login / Register (free) before downloading.

Song Name: Psyrobics [Other Intelligence]
Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
Style: Psychedelic Trance. High end electronic percussion. Break Beat breaks and fills.
Time: 08:14 min
Tempo: 144 bpm
Artwork: Alahuin
Version: Second
Preview: Yes, below and on Last.FM
Includes: 192kb mp3, cover art, track info sheet




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Play the full track right here

PsyRobics by qubenzis psy audio found on tooAlso On the web:

Alternatively go to this Last.FM page to hear the complete version. Enjoy!

One thought on “Psyrobics [Other Intelligence] Full Song! Free Download psyhedelic Trance by QPA

  • Pixieguts says:

    hi qb

    thanks for the message at the palace network, appreciated. listening to your player there as i write, ahhhhhhh, your sound gets the blood pumping as always… =)

    would be wicked to see you live sometime! wishes for your big current projects!


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