QPA NEWS :: April 26 :: New mini sample pack and new track preview

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QPA News! 26.04.11
1) General Site News
2) New Sample Pack

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Site news

Greetings Intergalactic citizen,

Again a big thanks for using QPA’s website and also thanks to you guys who signed
up through Reverbnation and other music websites. Bless you all wherever you
come from. All Aliens are welcome for the never ending Intergalactic trance party.

New Free Samples & Sound FX Uploaded (since the last newsletter)

FX Synth | Roland Vox Coder. VOICE like effect synth. Psytrance… (vxlikerol)
Psy Beat Loop | 144bpm. Basic trance beat loop (simpfull)
Psy Beat Loop | 144bpm. Trance beat loop. Tabrelax (looptab)
Psy Beat Loop | 144bpm Progressive with hand drum (progG4)
Break | Analogue Synth break beat. Use as loop or break (Nord Modular)

New Track by QPA Listen to +5 minute sample here
(Audio Player)
The track is part of an (coming) album called Neo Goa Inception
(Alien Inspiration) Soon to be be found as a download from the internet.
Stay in tune

MINI Psychedelic Producer Samples Package – 30 PSY-KICK-DRUMS
Mini Samples Pack! 30 Psy kick drums suitable for various types of electronic
music production. Dirt cheap “must have” for any producer.

Crystal Skull Records :: DJ & Producer, Unhinged
Crystal Skull Records, Psychedelic Trance project by DJ/Producer Unhinged,
known for dance rituals in the presence of a quarts Crystal Skull energized in
Roswell New Mexico.

Psychedelic Trance Sample Pack 2011 :: Production Kit :: Bargain..!
Psyched Trance Sample Pack 2011! Psy production kit, available for a bargain.
Many FX sounds, psy beat loops and kicks. Creative Commons Licensed.

(Rapidshare download)

This mix was found on this post on the forum.psytrance.org. I put the mix here
because Qubenzis Psy Audio can be found in the mix, track 12. Some of the artists
from Ektoplazm.com are in this mix. Enjoy! Read more about it here + full playlist
http://www.psycrete.net/profile/minDTeaser (home page on Psy Crete forum)


QPA Logo

Cover image for mini samples pack - 30 Psy Kicks

This Kicks package contains previously unreleased (psy) kick drums that now for
the first time are available in this dirt cheap mini samples package. An indispensable
“must have” sound library item for anybody producing electronic dance music.
Sponsor more production! Only Eur 2.23 (a true bargain) Read All About it here.
This pack is also Included in the Mega Sample Pack…

BUY the CD!! For Max Sound & Still the best deal

Meta Dawn :: Total Disclosure Demanded
Jewel Case, 4 colour alien cover art. Only 6$+Shipping
Both albums by QPA are still available in CD format from
KUNAKI CD Store. Instant Worldwide shipping!
Meta Dawn & Subsequent Resonance | Paypal | Not Paypal

More later! I Wish you the absolutely best possible

Hasta la vista hermanos y hermanas,

Ricky .:: QPA ::.

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