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Hello there!

I hope you feel as happy as I do. I hope that life is good and treats you well, wherever you may be on the globe at this very moment.

Qubenzis Psy Audio is now number 1 on Reverbnations EDM Chart for Spain. Thanks to you and all on- and off-world visitors to qubenzis’ home page. This is definitely worth celebrating.

If you help me push Psychedelic Laughingthis even further we can rise QPA to the top on the Global EDM chart too (where QPA is, while writing this, no 48). Just go here and click around a bit, download something or just listen to one of the new tracks from the new Psychedelic Freedom album.

BIG THANX, without your support this wouldn’t be possible.



Psychedelic Freedom Cover artDownload the FREE promo track "Panpsychism" in WAV or mp3 192kbps from this page on qubenzis’ website (login here before)

Beatport Download
JUNO Download Download
Qubenzis Download Store Download


new release: an enclosed envelope

an-enclosed-envelope by anunusualleopardBy anunusualleopard, a duo consisting of dmcq on No Input Mixing-desk modulations accompanied by Qubenzis’ synthesizer tweaks, beats and sound effects.

All of the material in this 7 track release were produced as a result of group improvisations. There were no per-rehearsals.

Music Style
Fusion, Ambient , Experimental, Soundscapes,

Buy + more info here

Festival Trade Fractal AnimationsFractal Video Loops

Fractal Animation Video Clips. Royalty Free! Animated loops. Perfect for creating your own psychedelic video "alive" backgrounds.

Buy from Festival Trade
| Youtube (demos)

.:: Recent News on Qubenzis.com ::.

Earth Tribe – Pixieland Mini Fest! Psychedelic Trance Party Aug 23 – 24, 2013, Orgiva, Spain.

Half Moon Mountain / Psypirates. Summer Psy Party Experience. 6th September. Top psytrance djs, camping, food, 3 day party in Spain mountains. All welcome!

Cyberdelia by Cyborg Music. Psychedelic Music Release.
Free EP Download (mp3 192kb)

Psychedelic Freedom Psytrance Album by Qubenzis Psy Audio Album created 2013 by QPA. CD and Download links

.:: FORUM ::.

Satyr Iasis – Forced exploration EP (Lua Records)

Summer Mix 2013 Compiled and Mixed By Shaker (Mexico). FREE DOWNLOAD. Enjoy! (Shaker)

Q.P.A – Psychedelic Freedom Release out now! By Qubenzis Psy Audio. (Lua Records)


Ricky – Qubenzis.com

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