QPA News :: Trance Visuals first (psy) Video 2011. Few new samples and more

QPA News! 25.01.11

Qubenzis Psy Audio Newsletter

1) Psytrance Video
2) Site News


New Psychedelic Trance Video

On Youtube | On Qubenzis.com

QPA’s track Psyconscious Explorer with video made by Trance Visuals (aka Yodhe),
a master producer of fractal visualizations and generally extremely well made, cool,
totally tripped out psychedelic trance videos. Don’t miss out on this one if you’re
into psyched visualizations.

This is a journey inspired by Terence McKenna’s wisdom and QPA’s full on
psychedelic music. Enjoy the trip.

Subsequent Resonance Album cover

Psyconscious Explorer is (still) free to download as mp3 192kbps (just login)
BUY the CD!! Jewel Case, 4 colour alien cover art. Only 6$+Shipping,

2) Site News.

Some site news


Recovered sound pages (mp3 not playing the sample or other errors)
Psy Beat Loop | Full On Resistance Dark Chill Loop, 146bpm
Psy Beat Loop | Meta Dawn “bouncy progressive” trance beat loop, 145bpm
Psy Beat Loop | Second Drop Full On beat Loop (recommended, really kicks…)

New Free Samples & Sounds Uploaded
BASS | Bass Synth note #D. Code name WEAKR (bit lame but totally usable)
BASS | Psy Mono Punch 01. Fat psy bass!! 1 Hit, A.
FX VOX | “Time Machine”… voice snippet, Terence McKenna
FX VOX | “Alien Creature”… voice snippet with delay fx. Anonymous 8-|
Psy Beat Loop | Full On Meta Resist! 146bpm

Best of EML Recordings 2010 – The final results.
Top 10 artists out of 40. Compilation CD hopefully soon in the EML Store

Dysfunctional : 8.57
Illuminati : 8.50
Crimson Death : 8.37
DB Monkeys : 8.27
Chemical Noize : 8.11
Clubsonica :8.00
Phil Jones : 7.96
QPA : 7.96
Gary Noakes : 7.90
Snowy : 7.90

Recently I posted 10 wallpapers I uploaded to my Google Picasa page. They’re
free to download.  Just go here: http://picasaweb.google.com/QRicky

Alien Eye Platinum. This and other designs created by QPA can also
now be found on T-shirts and Hoodies here: http://www.zazzle.com/qubenzis


Now I’m designing t-shirts and hoodies too. The alien reptile theme feels like a
very current subject. Plenty of  ’em around for the moment. Haven’t you seen
them too? Clustering? Hey, wake up… here comes another one.

The products can currently be found in Qubenzis’  Zazzle Store.
Check ’em out. More designs on coming. It’s all in a Beta stage but it’s real.

Alien Reptile Ohm tshirts and Hoodies

I’ve been working on a new sub-website lately (frenetically), Qubenzis Download Store
Next newsletter I will tell more about the new Mega Sample Pack 2011, also ready
on the shelves, only waiting for the store to open.

That’s it for now folks.

Have a nice one,

Ricky .:: QPA ::.

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