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Enjoy the new version of qubenzis.com’s website design

While writing this, the new qubenzis.com web site theme finally is introduced. A since long needed total overhaul. Check out this colourful psychedelia theme while enjoying the music!

Screen-shot qubenzis.com-2011-03. Detail from front page

Some site Features, perhaps not all so new
but now cleaned up and easier to access

Music Producer Search Engine, search refinement tabs optimized for serious electronic music producers. I think, finally, this will work as intended. Give it a try and see what you think. Use the tabs for refining your initial search.

Search Results Page is seriously hotted up for a more pleasurable experience. This is the page that one lands on when using the Google custom search box, to the right just above the right-hand menu. Note that this search engine is powered by the same script as the Music Producer Search Engine, with refinements in text links just above the search results.

Social Share buttons moved to the top of most pages. Now it’s easier to remember telling your friends about your fav pages, songs and sounds. Use it as much as you can. It really helps for getting the word around. Thanx lol

Now inside qubenzis.com’s domain… Qubenzis Download Store.
Look no further if you’re looking for high resolution audio versions of QPA’s music. I suggest you keep an eye on the store during the future to come. New psychedelic (and other) music will be added. Here’s the feedburner RSS Feed link for new products added to the store (products = songs, sample packs, albums etc.)

The Latest track added to the store is:
UFO Academy Remix 2009
Style: Whirl melody, Full On, happy psy party mood, 146bpm
Story: Air-force cadets have been briefed on the alien presence for decades! This psyched out trance track tells the rest of the story. Get FLAC or high res. WAV and listen to the full track here.

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Crystal Skull Records :: DJ & Producer, Unhinged
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Clean and bouncy prog beat Beat Loop 144bpm
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Not to forget you guys in Japan

10 Ways to help Japan (on care2.com)
the natural disaster that recently happened in Fukushima you might wonder how to help. Besides the Tsunami one Nuke Power plant  got  whacked and it looks quite bad. The mainstream media and the Jap. government is playing it down, big time.

Check Alex Jones News Video (not mainstream media crap) for absolutely latest reports on the Japan incident and much more.

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I wish you all the absolutely best possible, really,
all until December 2012, and far far beyond…


Ricky – QPA

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