V/A 25 Full Moons! Cosmogenesis Recordings. Free Download Uplifting Psytrance!

V/A 25 Full Moons! Cosmogenesis Recordings

V/A 25 Full Moons :: Cosmogenesis Recordings

Another Imaginary and powerful psychedelic trance compilation found on Ektoplazm.com. The V/A 25 Full Moons is published by the excellent “Free” UK Label Cosmogenesis. The pounding beats, tripping sounds and wicked melodies on this album clearly add momentum to the psychedelic trance dance music culture in these times of big changes. Songs are contributed from artists and producers worldwide.

When this album was published it was only 25 full moons left until the infamous 2012 earth changes were predicted to occur.Therefore the name. Enjoy!

Track List:

  1. Hannebu – Remote Instinct (143 BPM)
  2. TighT – White Primative (145 BPM)
  3. Zebu Connection – Afternoon In Itapua (150 BPM)
  4. Alien Viking – Party In Hyperspace (140 BPM)
  5. Genepool – Sylent Stingey (147 BPM)
  6. Q.P.A – Timeline Creator (148 BPM)
  7. Etro – Shape (145 BPM)
  8. Illegal Substances – Iron Beast (142 BPM)
  9. Nemesis vs Transformator – Old Spark (143 BPM)
  10. Felix – Extrateresstrial Tribes (145 BPM)

Download free from Ektoplazm

Ektoplazm.com 25 Full Moons (WAV, FLAC, 320kb MP3)

Creative Commons licence for non-commercial usage. Visit the Cosmogenesis Recordings label page for more info on previous psytrance releases.

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